Most famous scientists in the field of body composition

R.N. Baumgartner, A.R. Behnke, R. Breitkreutz, J.M. Brozek, W. Burmeister, D.B. Cheek, W.C. Chumlea, W.M. Chumlea, J.P. Clarys, S.H. Cohn, P. Deurenberg, H. Ditschuneit, J.V.G.A. Durnin, K.J. Ellis, M. Eriksson, T. Fischer, G.B. Forbes, M. Goris, S.S. Guo, H. Hauner, S.B. Heymsfield, V.H. Heyward, H. G. Hinghofer-Szalkay, E.C. Hoffer, W. Hollmann, E. Holm, A.S. Jackson, A. Keys, R.F. Kushner, U.G. Kyle, H. Leweling, M.D.V. Loan, R.J. Liedke, T.G. Lohmann, H.C. Lukaski, R.M. Malina, W.D. McArdl, M. Müller, J. Nyboer, D. Pape, J. Parizkova, A. Piccoli, C. Pichard, M. Pirlich, M. Plauth, M.L. Pollock, A.F. Roche, D.A. Schoeller, H. Schulz, K.R. Segal, W.E. Siri, l.M. Stolarczyk, S.S. Sun, T. Talluri, B. Tedner, D. Teske, A. Thomasset, J. Tomczak, M. Wabitsch, J.G. Wechsler, H. Wenzel, E.M. Widdowson, J.H. Wilmore, A. Wirth, R.T. Withers, J. Womersley and best thanks to all the other scientists which are not named here. Sorry, please contact us, if we fergot to list you here…


Members of the BIAdata project

WHO Word Health Organization, NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administartion (US), Hartpury College / University of the West of England (GB), Karolinska Institutet Medical University Stockholm (S), Charles University Prague (Cz), DSHS German Sport University Cologne (D), DLR German Aerospace Center D1/D2-Mission (D), BMGS Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security of Germany (D), Robert-Koch-Institut (D), Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food (D), BAFF / BFEL, Federal Office of Health Insurence Companies (D), OSP Olympic Headquaters (D/Au), BAuA Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (D), FPZ Center of Scientific Prevention Research (D), University of Cologne (D), University of Applied Sciences Cologne (D), Medical University Hannover (D), Technical University Berlin (D), University of Bielefeld (D), Ruhr University Bochum (D), University of Paderborn (D), University of Heidelberg (D), DKFZ German Cancer Research Center (D), Heart and Diabetes Center North Rhine-Westphalia (D), University of Bonn (D), University of Tübingen (D), Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (D), TUC Chemnitz Universitiy of Technology (D)

Projects in the field of body composition

NHANES, Harvard Growth Study, COMPASS Study, Kid Obesity Prevention Study


Companies supporting body composition studies

AKERN S.r.l. (Italy), RJL Systems (US), Data-Input GmbH (D), EgoFit GmbH (D)