Jörg Tomczak

Emphasis: BIA body analyses & concepts

Born 1958 in Gelsenkirchen, thus Schalke 04 – Fan from birth. Customers from the „yellow-black BvB“ bzw. „Lüdenscheid-Nord“ area therefore must await for penalty duties in case of buisiness contacts…

Diploma study of sport sciences at DSHS Cologne and chemistry at the University of Cologne. Graduation studies in sports medicine, biochemistry and physiology. Scientific projects in body analytics, animal body analytics, plant analytics, nutrition sciences, exercise physiology and space flight…

Independent working since 1987. General Manager of the BIA, BIACOM and the EgoFit Gesundheitsberatung GmbH
Main Focus:
Conceptional developments, Body composition analytics, Train the coach teacher, Holistic health concepts, Communication and networks, Marketing, General Manager and strategic leader of the EgoFit GmbH

– German
– English
– „un peu“ French